10 Fun Ways to Squeeze in More Steps Throughout Your Day

We all know walking more is great for our health and fitness, but it can be challenging to increase daily steps. The good news? You can rack up extra movement through subtle changes to your normal routine. Here are 10 fun and simple tips to seamlessly squeeze in more steps.


1. Take the Long Route

Discover new sights and scenery by taking the long way to your destination when walking or driving.


2. Set Step Goals

Let step counters or apps motivate you to hit a certain number of steps per day. Slowly increase your goal.


3. Window Shop

Maximize steps by strolling slowly past storefronts as you run errands or walk through the mall.


4. Explore New Areas

Visit a new-to-you neighborhood, park or trail to keep walks exciting while tallying steps.


5. Walk and Talk

Chat on the phone or catch up with friends while walking together. Steps fly by faster.


6. Make It a Family Affair

Include kids and pets on family walks. Let everyone log steps with wearable trackers and compete!


7. Combine Exercise and Errands

Tackle grocery shopping, bank visits and other duties on foot to multitask.


8. Sightsee by Foot

Soak in the sights of new cities or even your hometown by exploring attractions on foot.


9. Dance Breaks

Take occasional dance breaks at home popping on a playlist and moving freely.


10. Commute Actively

Walk, run or bike to work instead of driving to start your day off right.


With a little creativity, you can make walking and movement a fun, rewarding habit instead of a chore. Use a step counter to track your progress. Share your favorite ways to increase daily steps below!


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