10 Tips for Starting an At-Home Workout Routine

Working out at home is a convenient way to fit fitness into your busy schedule. But creating a sustainable at-home workout routine takes strategy and commitment. Use these 10 tips to successfully start exercising at home.


Tip 1: Designate a Workout Space

Carve out an area for exercise like a corner of the bedroom or living room to mentally associate with working out.


Tip 2: Schedule It

Add at-home workouts to your calendar and set reminders on your phone to treat exercise time as seriously as other appointments.


Tip 3: Invest in Key Equipment

Purchase affordable home gym gear like resistance bands, yoga mat, and light weights along with must-have activewear like the Classic Scrunch Shorts.

10 Tips for Starting an At-Home Workout Routine


Tip 4: Follow Workout Videos

Stream or download free workout videos or apps with programs to follow for motivation and training variety.


Tip 5: Choose Quick Routines

When first establishing consistency, opt for fast but effective routines like HIIT, circuits, and targeted strength training you can complete in under 30 minutes.


Tip 6: Set Goals

Give your at-home training purpose by setting fitness goals like weight loss, running a 5K, or improvements in flexibility or strength.


Tip 7: Vary Your Workouts

Change up your home workout routine frequently using different training styles, equipment, and video instructors to prevent boredom.


Tip 8: Workout Early

Knock out at-home fitness first thing in the morning to energize your day and establish the habit.


Tip 9: Train with a Partner Virtually

Schedule video workout sessions with a friend, family member or colleague for extra accountability and motivation.


Tip 10: Track Your Progress

Logging activity and results over time provides satisfying evidence of improvements that will keep you exercising at home.


Committing to at-home workouts requires dedication but pays off tremendously. By following these tips and listening to your body, you’ll be on your way to sustainable home fitness routine success!

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