10 Tips for Staying Active and Healthy While Traveling

10 Tips for Staying Active and Healthy While Traveling


It's easy to get derailed from your regular diet and exercise routine when you're on the road or on vacation. But with some preparation and commitment, you can maintain healthy habits anywhere. Here are 10 tips to stay active and feel your best, even when traveling.


Tip 1 - Pack Exercise Essentials

Be sure to pack lightweight, versatile activewear like Kibra's antimicrobial sports bras and moisture-wicking leggings. Having quality workout wear makes it easier to fit in fitness time. Also pack exercise accessories - resistance bands, yoga mat, and portable fitness devices can all enable quick workouts in your hotel room.


Tip 2 - Scope Out Fitness Options

Research nearby parks, trails, gyms, studios, and pools at your destination. Look for free walking tours, activity rentals, or hotel fitness classes. Being prepared with fitness options makes you more likely to use them.


Tip 3 - Wake Up Early to Work Out

Beat the heat and crowds by exercising first thing in the morning. Pack a gym bag the night before to eliminate excuses. Early risers can catch spectacular sunrise views while hiking, running, or doing yoga outdoors.


Tip 4 - Opt Outside

Explore the area on foot or bike to squeeze in activity between sightseeing. Hike scenic nature trails, swim at the beach, or walk historic neighborhoods. Let Kibra's activewear fuel your outdoor adventures in comfort and style.


Tip 5 - Take Workout Gear On Day Trips

When booking day tours, buses, or cruises, wear exercise clothes and pack essentials. You’ll be ready to walk, bike, or workout at stops along the way. Stash Kibra’s lightweight sports bra and leggings in your daypack for easy access.


Tip 6 - Incorporate Exercise Into Sightseeing

Walk, jog, or bike between tourist sites instead of driving. Climb the hotel stairs instead of the elevator. And opt for walking food tours over bus tours when possible. Kibra’s sweat-wicking activewear keeps you comfortable while sightseeing on the go.


Tip 7 - Seek Out Local Fitness Classes

Immerse yourself in the local culture while working out. Try a Zumba or salsa dancing class in South America, martial arts in Asia, or yoga retreats in India. These unique local fitness experiences make exercise exciting.


Tip 8 - Hit the Hotel Gym

Most hotels have fitness centers with cardio and strength-training equipment. Work out before breakfast or after a day of sitting to maintain your routine. Kibra’s sports bras and leggings can motivate your hotel sweat session.


Tip 9 - Stream Workouts Via Mobile Apps

Apps like Aaptiv, Peloton, and Nike Training provide streaming workouts you can do anywhere, with minimal or no equipment needed. Maintain your regimen with bodyweight, HIIT, yoga, and strength training workouts.


Tip 10 - Make Healthy Choices

Fuel your active vacation routine with nutritious grabs and go items like fresh fruit, nuts, protein bars, and salad. Seek grocery stores for healthy snacks. And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


Staying fit on the road is totally doable with preparation and commitment to your health. Use these tips to keep up healthy habits and experience each destination to its fullest. Kibra's activewear empowers comfortable workouts wherever the journey takes you. How do you stay fit and healthy when traveling? Share your top tips in the comments below!

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