10 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While Working a Desk Job

Sitting for long periods while working a desk job can take a toll on your fitness and health. Without effort, it’s easy to succumb to inactivity and poor posture. Use these 10 tips to incorporate more movement into your day and stay healthy even with a sedentary position.


Tip 1: Set Reminders to Move

Use apps or alerts to remind yourself to get up each hour and walk, stretch or do bodyweight squats. Fight sitting disease.


Tip 2: Invest in an Active Workstation

Trade your regular desk for an adjustable standing desk or treadmill desk to move more.


Tip 3: Schedule Walking Meetings

When possible, meet colleagues for walking meetings outside or stroll while you talk instead of sitting.


Tip 4: Opt for the Stairs

Take the steps whenever you can at the office to rack up extra movement and strength training.


Tip 5: Take Active Breaks

Use your lunch break to walk, bike or workout. Even 10 minutes of activity energizes.


Tip 6: Set Wake-Up Alarms

Wake up early to fit in morning workouts before the work day since evenings can get busy.


Tip 7: Try Light Dumbbell Exercises

Keep a light set of dumbbells at your desk for bicep curls, raises and other strength moves.


Tip 8: Drink More Water

Stay hydrated since dehydration and fatigue drag you down mentally and physically.


Tip 9: Maintain Good Posture

Sit upright to avoid slouching, which strains your back. Use lumbar support.


Tip 10: Unplug After Hours

Avoid late night technology use so you aren’t stimulated before bed. Power down.


Small changes to increase movement, proper workstation setup and active habits allow you to stay fit with a desk job. Use Kibra’s activewear to feel motivated before, during and after work.

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