10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout When You’re Busy

Finding motivation to workout when your schedule is jam-packed can be challenging. After long work days, workout motivation is often the first thing to go. Use these 10 tips to make fitness a consistent priority even during your busiest times.


Tip 1: Schedule Workouts

Block out workout sessions in your calendar to dedicate time and hold yourself accountable. Treat them like any other important appointment.


Tip 2: Prep Your Gym Bag

Stay motivated by keeping your Large Traverse Duffle stocked with must-haves like the Kibra Mix & Match Sports Bra. Ready-to-go gear makes it easier to head to the gym.


Tip 3: Find Quick Workouts

When you’re crunched for time, quick effective workouts like HIIT sessions, yoga flows, or the 7-minute workout boost motivation by fitting more easily into your day.


Tip 4: Workout First Thing

Knock out fitness first thing in the morning to get endorphins flowing and feel a sense of accomplishment to start your day right.


Tip 5: Tie Exercise to Existing Habits

Link workouts to daily habits, like going to the gym after your morning coffee to build a consistent ritual.


Tip 6: Set Reminders

Use phone alarms telling you it’s time to workout as motivational cues you can’t ignore.


Tip 7: Log Your Activity

Recording workouts in a fitness tracker or journal boosts accountability so you stay motivated to continue consistency.


Tip 8: Find Workout Buddies

Working out with friends or colleagues makes fitness more social and fun. Show up for your gym buddy even when you don’t feel like it.


Tip 9: Reward Yourself

After hard training sessions, treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath, your favorite takeout meal, or new Kibra activewear.


Tip 10: Remember Your Why

Revisit the goals and reasons you wanted to get fit. Your “why” is powerful motivation.


Staying on track with fitness when you’re busy takes commitment, but becomes habit when you employ the right motivation strategies. With determination and your favorite Kibra activewear, you’ll be fit and focused in no time!

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