Kibra Mix & Match Sports Bra vs. Leading Competitors - Which Is Best?

An excellent sports bra provides the perfect trifecta of support, comfort and style. As activewear continues to double as streetwear, today's modern women expect bras that perform during sweaty workouts but also look great at brunch. Kibra's Mix & Match Sports Bra aims to deliver the best of both worlds, but how does it compare to other popular athletic bra brands? We break it down in this product comparison.

Kibra Mix & Match Sports Bra

Support and Fit

Kibra's Mix & Match bra shines with its customizable fit allowing you to choose different sizes on each cup. This accommodates asymmetry, a game changer for support and confidence. The bra also wins for comfort thanks to seamless construction, breathable fabric and adjustable straps. For superior support and adjustable fit, Kibra tops competitors.


Performance Features

The Mix & Match bra incorporates moisture-wicking fabric to beat sweat, making it a top choice for high-intensity workouts. The antimicrobial properties also help reduce odor. This bra hits all the performance must-haves for intense training.


Style and Design

Beyond functional features, the Mix & Match bra excels in style. The two-tone design provides a unique, fashion-forward look that contributors rave about. The edgy style helps this bra transition seamlessly from gym to street. For innovative style, Kibra leads the pack.



At $99, the Kibra Mix & Match bra costs a bit more than popular competitors. But testers say the unparalleled fit, support and cute style make it well worth the investment. The quality construction also ensures this bra withstands frequent wear and washing. For value, we still give Kibra the edge.


The verdict is in - for adjustable support, performance-driven features and standout style, Kibra's Mix & Match Bra tops competitors as a high-quality athletic bra that transitions perfectly from studio to street. Have you tried the Mix & Match bra? Let us know your experience in the comments!


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