Must-Have Activewear Accessory Trends for 2023

The right accessories can take your activewear looks to the next level in both form and function. As the athleisure trend continues to thrive, sporty accessories also seamlessly transition to complement everyday outfits. What are the key activewear accessory trends you’ll see in 2023?


Shoulder Packs

Shoulder bags and fanny packs for hands-free carrying will remain popular for errands and travel when you want essentials close. Consider Kibra Shoulder Bag.

Kibra Shoulder Bag


Bold Sunglasses

Make a statement with geometric, '90s-inspired sunnies that keep your eyes shaded during outdoor workouts. Kibra Speed Sunglasses are a fierce example.

Kibra Speed Sunglasses


Yoga Equipment

Elevate in-home yoga with helpful accessories like stretchy bands, yoga wheels, and block sets in fun prints. Check out Kibra The Wide Mat-6mm and Kibra Uplifting Yoga Block.

Kibra The Wide Mat-6mm


Kibra Uplifting Yoga Block

Resistance Bands

Versatile resistance band sets allow you to strength train and add intensity to workouts anywhere. Kibra Yoga Elastic Band are designed for on-the-go use.

Kibra Yoga Elastic Band


In summary, waist bags, bucket hats, standout sunglasses, yoga accessories and resistance bands will upgrade activewear looks this year. Kibra offers must-have athletic add-ons in addition to their innovative apparel. Shop the latest today!


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