Sustainable Practices for Your Fitness Regime

Being eco-friendly shouldn't stop when your workout begins. There are many ways to make your fitness routine more sustainable. Implement these tips to reduce your environmental impact while still crushing your goals.


Choose Plastic-Free Packaging

Opt for activewear brands like Kibra that use plastic-free packaging and ship products in reusable tote bags. This reduces unnecessary waste.


Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Bring reusable water bottles, utensils, and food containers. Skip plastic shopping bags when possible. The reusable tote bag your Kibra order arrived in is perfect for carrying your gym gear plastic-free.


Walk or Bike to the Gym

Skip gas-guzzling drives by exercising outdoors or commuting via foot, bike or public transport when possible. Kibra's apparel transitions seamlessly from sidewalk to studio.


Go Paperless

Download workout programs and track progress using apps rather than printing. Sign up for digital gym memberships and class passes.


Support Sustainable Businesses

Frequent eco-conscious gyms, studios, and sports companies that aim to reduce waste.


Small changes add up to make a big difference! What sustainable switches have you implemented in your fitness routine? Share how you stay eco-friendly while staying fit.

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