Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Activewear for Your Body Type

Finding activewear that fits and flatters your unique body shape can make a big difference in comfort, performance and confidence during workouts. Follow these 10 tips to choose styles that complement your body type and support your fitness needs.


Tip 1 - Identify Your Body Type

Determine if you have a rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass or round/apple shape. This provides a starting point for styles that flatter you best.


Tip 2 - Opt for Compression for Curves

If you have an hourglass or pear shape, slimming compression pieces streamline curves. High-waisted leggings and supportive sports bras smooth and shape.


Tip 3 - Choose Loose or Flowy Tops for Broad Shoulders

Inverted triangle shapes with wider shoulders and slimmer hips can balance proportions with loose or flowy tanks and tees.


Tip 4 - Accentuate Your Waist

The hourglass figure looks great in activewear with cinched-in waists to emphasize curves. Kibra's mix and match bra creates a flattering contoured effect.


Tip 5 - Go for Higher Necklines if Long Torsoed

A longer torso looks balanced with higher neckline tops. Kibra's longline sports bras elongate this body type.


Tip 6 - Pick Bolder Prints or Patterns

Rectangular or ruler figures shine in colorful, printed leggings and sports bras that create the illusion of curves.


Tip 7 - Accommodate Fuller Busts

Look for wide straps, high necklines and secure closures in sports bras. Removable pads allow you to customize support.


Tip 8 - Seek Bottoms with Extra Stretch

Curvier hips and thighs require flexible, four-way stretch leggings and shorts that don't dig in. Kibra uses stretchy, pill-resistant fabric.


Tip 9 - Ensure Adequate Torso Coverage

If you have a shorter torso, choose activewear with enough midriff coverage to stay comfortable during movement.


Tip 10 - Focus on Fit Over Size

No matter your body type, a proper fit trumps size. Seek styles that contour without constricting movement.


Choosing activewear suited for your shape boosts comfort, confidence and performance. Follow these tips to find styles that flatter your unique body type from brands like Kibra. Share your favorite activewear fits for your body shape in the comments!

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