Top 10 Tips for Staying Hydrated and Cool During Your Workouts


Proper hydration and temperature regulation are critical for performance, safety and results during exercise. Dehydration and overheating can quickly sabotage your workouts. Use these 10 tips to stay hydrated and keep your cool even during hot, sweaty training sessions.


Tip 1: Drink Water Before, During and After

Hydrate before you start and continue sipping water or electrolyte drinks at regular intervals during long workouts. Replenish post-exercise.


Tip 2: Know the Signs of Dehydration

Watch for excessive thirst, headache, dizziness, dark urine and fatigue. These warn you to increase fluid intake immediately.


Tip 3: Drink to Thirst

Let your thirst guide fluid amounts. Drink enough to satisfy thirst rather than following a set schedule. Stop when thirst is quenched.


Tip 4: Eat Hydrating Foods

Incorporate hydrating fruits, veggies and smoothies into your diet. Food provides additional fluid along with training fuel.


Tip 5: Monitor Urine Color

Pale, clear urine means you’re well hydrated while dark yellow warns of dehydration. Check before and after workouts.


Tip 6: Weigh Yourself Pre- and Post-Workout

Sudden drops in body weight after training indicates you’re losing too much sweat. Drink more to recover those lost pounds.


Tip 7: Wear Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics

Kibra’s activewear like Kibra Active Cool Cropped Tank Top uses lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics to allow ventilation and evaporation. This cooling effect combats overheating.

Kibra Active Cool Cropped Tank Top

Tip 8: Dress in Light Colors

Wear light-colored, heat-reflecting workout clothes like Kibra Cover Me Set to stay cooler in the sun versus darker shades that absorb heat.

Kibra Cover Me Set

Tip 9: Use Cooling Accessories

Help regulate temperature with cooling towels, wristbands, ice packs and foam rollers. Lower body temp for longer training capacity.


Tip 10: Exercise Indoors or Early/Late

Beat the peak heat by training first thing in the morning, at night or inside climate-controlled gyms.


Staying hydrated and avoiding overheating allows you to exercise safely and comfortably for longer periods. Use these tips along with Kibra’s breathable activewear to unlock your best hot weather workouts. How do you stay cool and hydrated during training? Share your tips below!

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