We Compare Kibra Leggings to Competing Athletic Leggings - See Who Wins

Finding the perfect pair of leggings that can take you from yoga, to the gym, to brunch with no outfit change in between can be a challenge. Brands have flooded the activewear market, but not all leggings live up to their promises. We put Kibra's leggings to the test against top competitors to determine which athletic leggings truly rise above the rest.


Fit and Sizing

Kibra's leggings excel in providing an ideal fit that contours curves and stays put during vigorous exercise. The four-way stretch fabric and high waist shaping helps the leggings move with you. For flattering, stay-put fit, Kibra leggings win.

Airbrush High-Waist 78 Legging

Performance Features

The sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric of Kibra's leggings keeps you cool and comfortable during intensely sweaty workouts. The pill-resistant material also retains its sleek look after repeated wears. Kibra takes the lead on performance.

Patterned Bottom Lift Leggings


Beyond technical features, Kibra leggings simply look good. The trendy patterns, colors and seamless styling ensures these leggings work just as well for everyday wear as hardcore training. For style, Kibra leggings clinch the win.

Flare Me Up Leggings

Price and Value

At $110, the leggings sit at the higher end of pricing, but users say the quality, performance and ability to wear these leggings anywhere makes them worth the investment. For value, Kibra still edges out the competition.


The verdict is clear - when it comes to fit, function and fashion, Kibra leggings outpace popular competitors. The innovative fabric and flattering cut allows these leggings to excel from studio to street. Have you tried Kibra's leggings? Share your thoughts below!


Learn More: https://kibraofficial.com/collections/bottoms-and-leggings

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