Forma U-Kolo Tanko
Forma U-Kolo Tanko
Forma U-Kolo Tanko

Forma U-Kolo Tanko

Regula prezo$59.00
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  • Senpaga tutmonda sendado (5-12 labortagoj)
  • En stoko, preta por sendi
  • Inventaro survoje

Senpaga sendado kaj reveno ene de 30 tagoj

Modelo Rachel portas Grandecon M

Pariĝas bone kun

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tropical Panda

Great quality, vivid color, really well made, but SIZE UP. This sports bra uses Asian sizing, which is 1 size smaller than standard North American/EU sizing.I wear a 32C (my true size, according to r/ABraThatFits) and my shape is shallow with a wide root. I followed the sizing chart shown on this page and ordered a size Small in this sports bra.Unfortunately, it fits more like a North American XS, and it honestly looks like a training bra.The cup/front coverage is too minimal for those of us with a wide root — on me, it shows a lot of side boob. This sports bra would work better for those with a narrow root, and honestly would have fit me much better back when I was 110 lb. and a 30C before the pandemic.I'm currently 125 lb. and a 32C, and I absolutely should have gotten a size Medium in this sports bra (can't return it, though, because it's from Vine). And even then, I actually still don't know if the Medium would provide enough cup coverage for a wide root!


I really like the way this sports bra looks and feels. The color options and cross back cut are flattering. It hugs curves nicely, but either I bought the wrong size (doesn’t appear to be - see pics) or the support just isn’t as solid as I’d need for more high intensity activity. I’d say the support is medium. But for most activities and strength teakning, this would be a great option for a lot of women.


This sports bra is so cute, super comfortable, i like the material and it brings removable pads, the color is beautiful and is true size.

R. Burns

34DDD and medium fits just right. If you're in between small & medium, you could definitely go with small.Very soft and stretchy material makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Conforms well to your shape. However, this is is only a medium or low-medium support sports bra. Works great for yoga, pilates, and also just everyday comfort wearing. For me, it has actually become the perfect sleep bra! Non-constricting and the straps don't dig into your shoulders. I personally would not choose to wear this to go running, kickboxing, or crossfit types of workouts though since I'm heavier chested and need that extra support. If you are more modestly breasted though, it might work well for you in those scenarios. For the comfort alone, you can't go wrong with this bra!


I purchased the recommended size from the sizing chart. This fits well, is comfortable, and the thin pads provide a bit of shielding to keep others from noticing that you're cold without adding any extra volume to your nature size

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