10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Strength Train

Building lean muscle through strength training delivers major health benefits like increased metabolism, fat loss, injury prevention, and reduced risk of chronic illnesses. However, sticking to a regular strength training routine requires serious motivation. Use these 10 tips to stay motivated with your strength training workouts.


Tip 1: Choose Flattering Activewear

Wearing leggings designed for strength training, like the Kibra Classic High Waisted Seamless Leggings that provide tummy control compression and stay put through squats, helps inspire your workout mindset.

Kibra Classic High Waisted Seamless Leggings


Tip 2: Vary Your Routine

Mix up your strength routines between machines, free weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises to add diversity so workouts aren’t repetitive.


Tip 3: Train with a Partner

Having a gym buddy or taking strength classes makes training more fun and social while also providing accountability.


Tip 4: Set Specific Goals

Give your training purpose by setting motivating strength goals like running a faster 5K, deadlifting twice your body weight, or doing 10 full pushups.


Tip 5: Log Your Progress

Tracking advances in strength helps you see progress over time, which is satisfying motivation to keep at it.


Tip 6: Up the Intensity

Increase weight, sets, reps, or density periodically to continually challenge yourself for a sense of accomplishment.


Tip 7: Reward Yourself

After intense training weeks, treat yourself to a restorative massage, relaxing bubble bath, or a stylish Kibra Twisted Tank Top.

Kibra Twisted Tank Top


Tip 8: Try New Equipment

Test out battle ropes, resistance bands, or other equipment you don’t often use for a sense of novelty.


Tip 9: Remember Your Why

Revisit your original motivations and goals around strength training to reconnect with your purpose.


Tip 10: Invest in Quality Gear

Wearing sleek, technical activewear designed for your training style makes workouts feel more special.


Staying motivated with strength training requires creativity and dedication. But combining these tips with fierce determination, and the perfect activewear, you’ll be making strength gains in no time!

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