Activewear Pattern Trend Report: What Designs Are In for 2023

When it comes to activewear, pattern and print trends matter just as much as silhouettes and fabric innovations. Fun and unique designs allow you to show off your personal style from the studio to the streets. What activewear pattern trends should you look for in 2023 collections?

Activewear Pattern Trend


Bold Graphic Prints

Expect to see plenty of graphic stripes, geometric shapes, abstract prints and artsy color-blocking on leggings and sports bras this year. The eye-catching designs provide flair.


Nature and Botanical Themes

Relaxing nature themes and botanical prints will be popular for yoga and meditation apparel. Expect watercolor florals, palm leaf prints, tie dye inspired by sunsets and landscapes.


Warm Earth Tones

Look for rich earth tones like chocolate brown, caramel, olive green and burnt orange as accent colors in everything from sports bras to bike shorts.


Metallic Accents

Subtle yet shiny metallic accents add depth and dimension to activewear. The trend will carry over to 2023 with rose gold, silver and iridescent reflective details on seams.


Cottagecore Vibes

The cottagecore trend will continue with floral embroidered accents and gingham checkered prints on pilates apparel and beyond.


In summary, lively graphic prints, nature-inspired designs, metallic details and warm earth tones will dominate activewear in the year ahead. Kibra stays on the cutting edge of pattern trends with eye-catching prints and colors that allow you to express your unique style. See the latest collection!


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