Find Your Stride: Beginner’s Guide to Running and Gear to Set the Pace

Running is one of the most accessible and beneficial forms of exercise, but it can be daunting for new runners to build up endurance and find their groove. Having proper running gear makes hitting the pavement or trail far more comfortable and enjoyable. Read on for a beginner's guide to running along with key activewear from Kibra to set your new running routine up for success.


Starting a Running Routine:


If you're new to running, focus on these tips:


- Start slow - Mix walking and short running intervals.


- Strengthen muscles - Yoga and cross-training prevents injury.


- Stretch - Pre- and post-run stretches keep muscles flexible.


- Rest and recover - Listen to your body and take days off when needed.


- Proper shoes - Visit a specialty store for a gait analysis and shoe fitting.


- Hydrate and fuel - Drink water before, during and after and eat protein and carbs.


Must-Have Running Gear from Kibra:


Having performance-ready activewear makes miles go by easier. Kibra's collection combines function with sleek style.


- Kibra Shape Long Sleeve - Lightweight, breathable top won't cling when you sweat.

Kibra Shape Long Sleeve



- Kibra Ribbed Sea Coast Short - Four-way stretch fabric moves seamlessly with your body.


Kibra Ribbed Sea Coast Short

- Kibra Mix and Match Sports Bra - Superior bounce control for miles of support.

Kibra Mix and Match Sports Bra

- Kibra Routine Cropped Zip Hoodie - Wind and water-resistant outer layer for unpredictable weather.

Kibra Routine Cropped Zip Hoodie


Gear Up and Go the Distance:


Browse Kibra's full collection at . The activewear is designed to keep you comfortable, supported, and motivated as you progress on your running journey. Lace up your shoes and feel the power in every step!

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