Pioneers of Fitness: Historical Women Who Changed the Game

The journey to today’s inclusive, empowering fitness culture was paved by revolutionary women throughout history. Their remarkable stories continue to inspire our own.


Victorian Strongwomen


In the late 1800s, female "strongwomen" broke barriers byweightlifting in public performance. Athletes like Katie Brumbach proved women's strength.

Katie Brumbach

Our Kibra Mix and Match Sports Bra salutes these bold pioneers who flexed their right to physical power.

Kibra Mix and Match Sports Bra


Dervish Dancers


In the 1920s, Turkish-born dancer Genevieve Stebbins mesmerized American and European crowds with her hypnotic, free-flowing dervish dancing.

Genevieve Stebbins


Kibra's Seamless Peach Crescent Tight 7/8 Leggings supports the movement meditation of these artistic trailblazers.

Kibra's Seamless Peach Crescent Tight 7/8 Leggings



Aerobics Innovators


In the 1960s, gym owner Jacki Sorensen developed one of the country's first structured aerobics formats, paving the way for dance cardio.

Jacki Sorensen

Our High Waisted Bike Shorts is inspired by the high-energy creativity of instructors like Sorensen.



Title IX Advocates


This landmark 1972 legislation granted women equal sports participation in schools, transforming female athletics.


Kibra honors these advancementsthrough activewear designed to empower and perform.


We build on their revolutionary legacy with each flex and stride. Who inspires your fitness journey? Share your role models below!

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