Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Kibra, we believe in the power of making a positive impact. While our activewear is not currently made from recyclable materials, we are actively exploring sustainable alternatives and continuously improving our practices to prioritize environmental friendliness. Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every aspect of our brand.

Durable Design for a Lasting Wardrobe

We pride ourselves on not being a fast fashion brand. Our products are thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time. By choosing high-quality fabrics like Lycra, we ensure our garments have excellent stretch and recovery properties, enhancing their durability and longevity. It's our way of reducing wastage and encouraging mindful consumption.

Plastic-Free Packaging

We're on a mission to reduce our ecological footprint, and that includes our packaging. We have completely eliminated the use of plastic in our packaging materials. From recycled paper to biodegradable alternatives, we carefully choose sustainable packaging options to minimize waste and promote a greener future.

Fair Pricing, Uncompromising Quality

We believe in offering the best value to our customers while staying true to our commitment to sustainability. Unlike seasonal sales and discount-driven pricing, our products maintain their fair price year-round. This means you can make a purchase any day of the year and rest assured that you're getting the highest quality activewear at the best price.


Ĉe Kibra, daŭripovo ne estas nur furorvorto. Ĝi estas enradikiĝinta en ĉio, kion ni faras. Ni senĉese strebas trovi novigajn manierojn redukti nian median efikon kaj fari pozitivan diferencon en la mondo. Aliĝu al ni en ĉi tiu vojaĝo kaj akceptu aktivajn vestaĵojn, kiuj ne nur altigas vian rendimenton sed ankaŭ subtenas pli daŭrigeblan estontecon.

Ĉu vi pretas sperti aktivajn vestaĵojn kun celo? Esploru nian kolekton hodiaŭ kaj estu parto de la Kibra movado.