Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging
Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging

Aerobrush Poŝo Alta-Taia Legging

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Modelo Rachel portas Grandecon M

Pariĝas bone kun

Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews

I love these leggings. They're thick and well made. I'm 5'9" (long legs) and weigh 175. I ordered size Large in Gray-they fit perfectly and easily cover my ankles. They have a slight sheen, but aren't really shiny like some active leggings. If I had to say something negative, it's that the pockets aren't terribly deep- my phone fits securely but pokes out the top a bit. I'm pretty curvy from waist to kneecaps and these leggings have just the right amount of squeeze. They hold it all in, smooth out the bumps and are snug but not uncomfortably tight. I've had them for two weeks and have washed them 4 times already because I work out in them almost every day. So far so good. I'm in Colorado and it's starting to get cold... I'm ordering more!!


I bought my first pair of these leggings at a local store and loved them. So decided I needed more colors for the winter season so ordered on line.They are so cozy and keep me warm.The only issue is I bought the XL which fits perfectly, however the legs are for a taller person than 5'6" 4-5" longer! Easy fix since I sew, or jus fold them up for extra warmth under my boots. I don't get why, but the overall fit is perfect. The pockets are great for holding my phone,keys


I'm 5'5" 168lb and large is perfect. The fleece is just enough for chilly weather. They are so comfortable. Good stretch, but doesn't get droopy even after all day into night wear. I have several varieties from this company, some without the fleece lining as well. They are definitely my go to for yoga /leggings, and the price is very reasonable compared to the department stores. I really love this brand!


These are not that warm, they slide down. I'm constantly pulling them up

Jill Logan

I love these leggings - theyre soft, stretchy, long enough for my legs while being tall enough to sit at my natural waist... I'm usually a Small in other 90 Degree leggings but I saw in some previous reviews that ordering up would be better so I did and went with a Medium. I'm glad I did. The Small would NOT have fit.Also, these leggings arrived with a couple of snags on them - nothing huge but enough to look like a cat might have been around them before I owed them...I've also been wearing them all day (currently wearing) but even with freshly trimmed claws, my cats have caused additional snags. I cannot wear these out of the house now. My mom came over with her dogs as well and they jumped up... not even their claws got me but just the pads of their feet caused additional snags.TL;DR : I LOVE THESE LEGGINGS but I cant and likely wont wear these out of the house. Great for lounging though!

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